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About Lee Ridge Log Structures

On New Year’s 1998, we moved south from Lee, New Hampshire. Walt had his lifetime supply of New England winters. So we moved the farm, complete with swans, geese, cranes and various other creastures to Spring Hope, North Carolina. The birds truly believed they had died and gone to heaven, so did we. Ready to build our longed-for log home, we did our research and decided on Appalachian Log Structures for the manufacturing. Their quality system and personal service were the decision makers. Our home, a modified Mt. Vernon, was delivered to Bowden Road on February 2, 1999. Walt had spent the previous month preparing the site, ten acres of “Hurricane Fran” blowdown. I had some trouble with the “vision thing”. As usual, Walt was right and it is a lovely area now.

In twelve and a half days, our crew had the package up and closed to the weather. In the next eight months we finished our home’s interior practically by ourselves. We would have finished a month sooner had not Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd played havoc with our septic system plans. There’s always a little hitch somewhere. I think Walt was having some second thoughts about blizzards versus hurricanes, as well. In November, 1999, we moved into our log home and decided it and Appalachian Log Structures were just too good to keep to ourselves. We became independent sales consultants and opened our home as our model.


Walt & Gay Sturgeon